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Here are few comment from some Flatenna users. If you have used your Flatenna to solve a difficult WiFi reception problem or have used it in a particularly innovative way, drop us an Email and let us know.


Hi Folks,

Came across your site whilst surfing for info on extending the range of WiFi routers, it looked interesting, simple and very good value, so I ordered one. It arrived in a few days and worked flawlessly after about 5 mins assembly, what a brilliant idea and so effective, I share my broadband with my neighbour who lives about 100 meters away, he could connect his laptop from his top window facing my house and barely received enough signal to work with. Since I added the Flatenna he now receives a considerably stronger signal and can finally use his computer away from the window, in fact he can now use his laptop around most of his house. Many thanks, I hope to see many more such products from your company, keep up the innovative work and best of luck for the future.

Ireland, UK

Just received it and installed, I thought I may have trouble as there are some thick walls to get through but wanted to try this route before opting for a wireless repeater. I now have a constant connection and I can now use my laptop in rooms where no connection was available before. Great simple solution!

Nottinghamshire, UK

I use a USB web-stick to receive internet (ie. not WIFI but the public cellphone networks) on my laptop whilst travelling around the country on business. Many of the B&B's & Hotels that I stay at are in poor reception areas for high speed 3G or HSDPA signals, and my web-stick defaults to the standard, 50kb/s GPRS signal. Hopeless for most web uses! However, a few minutes spent pointing your Flatenna in each direction in turn, ie. N, S, E, W, brings up a reliable 3G signal in all but the most remote locations. (Note: It needs a good 3-4 minutes in each direction to allow the signal to build up and register on Stick Manager). I now simply pull out a folded Flatenna from the back pocket of my laptop and it works almost every time! PS. it also works with my cellphone in difficult locations too !!!

Kenilworth, UK

I though you might be interested in a new use for the antenna. We live in a
rural area and depend on broadband, to lose it would be a great pain. We
have therefore invested in a Three mobile broadband dongle as a standby
connection (this can be shared by the network). We are "off the map" as far
as Three are concerned but managed to get a broadband signal that
occasionally connects but with a signal level of zero. I have tried using an
old satellite dish as well as a wok to little effect (probably too hard to
find the parabolic focus). Using one of your Flatenna we now get a
continuous signal level of 1 which means a consistent backup broadband
connection! The white Huawei E220 dongle fits sideways into the cradle
(which gives vertical polarisation) and the aerial is at the far end away
from the USB socket. Not sure what frequency Three uses but it is obviously
within the bandwidth of this reflector.
I am considering making up a metal version to waterproof and put on the

Rural, UK

Well, this was probably the best twenty bucks I've ever spent on a technology-related item. Your product did exactly what I'd hoped -- boosted my wireless signal enough to travel the last few feet to my photo studio from the house, which saved me several hundred dollars in signal-repeating gear as well as countless hours' wasted time setting it all up. Even better, it took less than five minutes to assemble and orient the antenna ... it's proved to be a most elegant solution.

I live in a lovely WWII-era home (which means it's old by the standards of the U.S. West Coast), and there's only one phone jack in the house -- it's in the kitchen behind the refrigerator. So, to save the time and expense of hard-wiring a network, I installed a set of wireless gear in a cabinet over the refrigerator. The signal nicely blanketed the whole house, but wasn't quite strong enough to cover the 60-plus feet (passing through several walls) to my primary computer, which is located in a far corner of my photo studio. Now I am able to receive a wonderfully strong and consistent signal in the studio. Another benefit is that I've effectively eliminated the portion of the signal that uselessly blanketed the street, saving my home address from potentially appearing on a wardriving Web site.

Many thanks

Seattle, USA

Many thanks - the Flatenna arrived the following morning - it's fantastic and I can now access the net from in my house whilst getting the signal from a D-Link router in my office which is at the end of my garden. You're better than Ronseal - it does EXACTLY what it says on the tin !

What a really clever and simple solution. Best of luck in your business.

Hampshire, UK

Just had to say what a great product. I couldn't believe it. It far outperformed a product I had which was 5 times more expensive.

Well Done.

Reading, UK

Thank you for the instant posting of your product which arrived today and which has solved my problem of dropped Internet connections in a flash.
Its amazing that all this high technology was failing because a signal could not get through a wall and that it is solved with some bits of cardboard with a metallic layer. Bravo, for inventing and producing it so simply, and then selling it at such a good price.

Many thanks and good luck in your future endeavours.

London, UK

Thanks I received goods today. I tried your product and it works a treat. Blinding results, I will recommend you to all my m8s and family.

London, UK

Without changing any settings on my router or laptop, just by aiming the Flatenna through the wall towards where I sit, my signal strength has gone from "very low (1mbps)" to "very good (36mbps)"

North Wales, UK

Brilliantly simple and amazingly effective, the Flatenna has enabled me to boost the signal between each end of the house. The signal was just not getting through before and I had been unable to complete my network. It was up and running within minutes.

Wiltshire, UK

I was having range problems with my WGR614v1 802.11g router. In the room in my house furthest from the router, I was frequently dropping the wireless connection. When the connection was working, it was very slow. After installing the Flatenna, I get full (54Mbps) signal strength throughout my entire house! I could not be happier with my purchase and will definitely recommend the Flatenna to my friends. What a great, easy, and cheap way to enhance your wireless connection performance!

Metro-Detroit Area, Michigan  USA

Works a treat, there is a long corridor from the access point and a small
room at the end and that is where we would have liked to use the lap top
but could not, well thanks to you now we can!!!!!
Many thanks


Fantastic!!! My PC upstairs would only ever get one bar of signal and would often drop out altogether... It's now on two bars and rock solid. I've been running a Netgear FM114P router for the past two years or so, connected to NTL broadband... The router is in a comms cabinet downstairs and cannot easily be moved any higher and one of my PC's upstairs (which also cannot be moved) has always been just on the edge of the routers range... Anyway your device has increased the range enough to give me a consistent connection, so 10 well spent!!!


I took delivery of my cardboard wonder thing today. All I can say is
that it is superb. The best tenner I have spent in a long time. I
used to only get a 40% signal strength in my living room, now I get 60 - 70% allowing me to annoy my wife no end. Now I can work in the living room AND watch the Discovery channel at the same time.


The joys of broadband alfresco

Although I've been thrilled that BT have recently enabled our local exchange for ADSL, I've been disappointed that my wireless router wouldn't penetrate the three thick walls in our 50 year old house and reach to the bottom of our 80ft garden. The Flatenna has changed all that - incredibly quick and easy to set up - I am now enjoying the delights of alfresco surfing !"


Thanks, great little product.

Indiana, USA

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