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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the kit?

Parabolic Frame
Web Piece

All pieces are pre-cut and slot together without the need for glue.

Can I use the Flatenna outdoors?

No, the Flatenna is for use indoors

Surely the Flatenna can't compete with a conventional separate WiFi antenna

The Flatenna has a number of advantages over conventional antennas. Generally, these large antennas have to be connected with additional cable lengths and connectors to the WiFi appliance. Even the most costly cables and connectors attenuate the signal very rapidly. The beauty of the Flatenna is that uses the manufacturer antenna without additional cable and connector losses eating into your gain budget. Also the Flatenna in common with other parabolic reflector antennae is less susceptible to interference than Yagi or omni antennas. What's more they are less likely to cause interference. The flatenna is very hard to beat in terms of dbs per dollar pound or Euro.

What range can I expect to get by using a Flatenna?

Its not generally possible to predict a range as there are so many factors which may influence reception. However, the Flatenna will give you similar performance to far more expensive antennas. Failure to get a connection may be for a number of reasons. For example interference, radio obstruction. Although the Flatenna will help to overcome some problems there are some situations which require more specialised approach. Generally, if you have a interference free link operating over a clear line of sight ( 2 meters clear around the direct line of sight near the middle) it is possible to establish a reliable link over 500 meters using the best access points. However, there is no guaranteed range.

Could a Flatenna help me penetrate undergrowth or trees near my installation?

Your Flatenna will help increase the gain but where there is no reception and leafs obstruct or come close the line of site you may not be able to get the link to operate just by adding antennas.

Can I use Two Flatenna to get four or five times the range?

Yes this is quite feasible, if your area is free from interference and obstructions.

What are legal implications of using Flatenna

The Flatenna is a high gain component and in keeping with other high gain components the user needs to ensure that the overall output level of the system as a whole does not exceed local limits. In practice, the Flatenna tends to put the wireless network field where its needed so is less likely to cause interference or be susceptible to interference.

Can I use my Flatenna with other High gain add on antennas such as the Linksys HGA7T

Yes the Flatenna will work with these further increasing the overall gain. Again, we recommend you take a responsible approach to ensure you do not interfere with neighbouring networks. The legal onus is on the user to ensure that the assembled system does not exceed local limits.

I believe my Neighbour is interfering with my network, can the Flatenna help?

Yes, by concentrating your signal using the Flatenna you are less susceptible to inference from neighbours. However, you must identify the source of the interference and ensure that its not in your reception path.

I wish to confine my network to increase security, can the Flatenna help?

Yes using the Flatenna to concentrate your network where you need it means that is less easy for other people to misuse or eavesdrop on your network. However, you should also employ the usual security measures required with all wireless networks.

My access point has two antennas do I need two Flatennae one for each antenna?

No, you can put your Flatenna on just one antenna leaving the other one in position. This gives you two chances to get reception one with a broad spread low gain and one with a narrow spread high gain. Your access point normally selects the antenna which has the best reception for the computer you are using. So you get the full benefit from putting your Flatenna on just one of the antennas. You might also orientate your access point to ensure that the Flatenna does not obstruct the other antenna from the nearby less critical computers using the wireless network.

My WiFi Signal is being stopped by a wall or obstruction can the Flatenna help?

The Flatenna will boost your signal but if it is being stopped by a serious obstruction, say a water tank, then probably no antenna is going to make enough difference. You need to think creatively for other paths for your WiFi signal. e.g. can you bounce the signal off a garage door outside! The Flatenna can help you attempt this by focusing the signal where you need it.

Why doesn't rain on the window obstruct my WiFi signal

Generally, there will be a small attenuation when surfaces are wet but its much smaller than say leaves in the signal path. If your links is working well in dry conditions it shouldn't be too adversely effected when it rains onto vertical intervening brickwork or windows. Sometimes the water on the ground can help the signal reflect up compensating for other losses.


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