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Flatenna - discontinued

Flatenna rear view on table top

The Flatenna is an effective enhancement to your existing antenna. Its a parabolic reflector which beams the back emissions from the antenna into a forward beam. This will extend your WiFi/WLAN range.

The Flatenna has been designed by engineers and tested by community wireless broadband users. The Flatenna was created by the need to connect over larger distances foFlatenna on a USB access pointr very low cost. The Flatenna is styled to look good in your living room, office or on your window ledge.

The Flatenna is compliant with EU regulations, however the user must ensure that output from the system as a whole is within local limits. It's highly effective at extending the range of wireless networks, cutting down interference and controlling the reception area.

Unlike conventional antenna solutions, the Flatenna does not suffer from additional cable and connecFlatenna oblique front view on table toptor losses, so the full benefit of the increased gain is delivered to your wireless adaptor. The Flatenna fits any equipment with an external stub antenna. It can be used on either the access point or the PC Wireless adaptor or both.

The Pen, CD and Stub antenna are for illustration purposes only and are not included in your Flatenna Kit. Radio performance depends on the environment. Although the Flatenna can provide higher gain, there is no guarantee that reception will be improved. There are maximum permitted signal levels in most countries. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the assembled equipment complies with these limits.


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