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Flatenna Specifications

The Flatenna is a pseudo parabolic reflector made from silvered board containing an aluminium layer.

The Flatenna provides a 7db boost in signal in one direction. These tests were carried out with a 5dbi 5/8 wave stub antenna and 2dbi 1/4 wave stub antenna. This performance compares favourably with small Yagi Antennas.

The Front to back gain of the Flatenna is 14 db providing good rejection of unwanted signals from the rear of the reflector. In this respect the Flatenna performs better than the smaller Yagi antennas. The Flatenna is intended for indoor use only.

Nominal Gain 7db
9dbi using 2dbi antenna
Nominal front to back gain is 14 db

Reflector Dimensions 95mm by 296mm
Assembly overall dimensions D 87mm W 282mm H95mm

Community Registered Design number:000133020

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Gain tests were conducted using a Yagi source antenna over 50 meters in an open field and using a Cisco TM 5db 5/8 wave antenna at the receiver. Individual results may vary where antenna response is not isotropic.

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