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Obin a New Storage Idea

Easy access storage space is at a premium in our homes. Create more of it with overhead storage by Tritium. Most homes have under-used space where the ceiling meets the walls. Our overhead storage bin, Obin, inspired by the overhead bins on aircraft, provides access to this space in an attractive cabinet which is easy to access.

Obin mounts to the wall and can be mounted in rows to provide lots of overhead storage space. The lower edge of the locker is used to open it and is typically installed at the same height as the top of an internal door. So if you can touch the top of a doorway in the house, then Obin can be installed with standing headroom underneath, can easily be opened, and once opened you will be able to see right into the cabinet.

This site is dedicated currently to this product and aims to attract pre-orders for a first production run. Obin is currently at a prototype stage and to move to the next stage we would like to do a short run of units. The timing and size of this run will be determined by the demand.

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